Thursday, 24 February 2011

Who Do You Think You Are? Live - Day 0

Well I've been at Kensington's Olympia venue with Bob and Liz Blatchford all day getting ready for tomorrow's Who Do You Think You Are? Live. We're all set and ready to go - come visit us at stand 811, where there are some seriously good offers on the Family and Local History Handbook! Also, top tip - if you are looking to buy Family Historian 4 (the programme I use as my main tree programme for my personal research), My History is the next stall to us and they have a nice discount going for the show.

I've had a chance for a quick recce and already all sorts of things to report. Check out FindmyPast and Genes Reunited - we're not quite at Hollywood sets yet, but two impressive display areas - a real feeling of a show being put on this year by many vendors, seems a lot more visual this year. Debbie and Amy from FMP won't tell me what their costumes are for tomorrow though, but suffice to say I suspect they will be stepping up to the altar...!

I had a quick chat with Nigel Bailey from The Genealogist - I won't pre-empt his news until tomorrow, but a couple of interesting developments happening soon, one or two in beta development, which will be of use to those with Scottish research.

From the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, Jeanette Rosenberg has told me that she has now placed her database of Jewish children at School in the Gorbals in the early 20th century online, with just under 10,000 names available. More on that soon.

Managed to catch up briefly with Else Churchill, Maggie Loughran, also Sherry Irvine and Helen Osborn from Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd, Family History Monthly's depedee ed Jen Newby, the Deceased Online crowd and many others, including a team from Nova Scotia, who are based in Halifax, and here for the first time. I mentioned the world's best pub was the Lower Deck in Halifax, and a loud cheer went up! lol

There's a really good vibe in the air, the weather looks like it will be fine, and I finally managed to lay my hands on a copy of my new book, so a wave of optimism has been unleashed (at least here!). And I even managed to blag a copy of the next Your Family Tree magazine. Oh yes...!

See you soon!

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Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

I look forward to your WDYTY Live reports! I hope to go next year!