Thursday, 10 February 2011

Vanessa Williams WDYTYA episode online

The US episode of Who Do You Think You Are featuring Vanessa Williams (from Ugly Betty) can now be seen online at I've already seen it, and it is thoroughly recommended! (See

A huge thanks to Paula Campbell, who alerted me to this on the Scottish GENES Facebook page.

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Janet in Toronto said...

Yep, this was actually the first episode of WDYTYA that I've watched and was thoroughly charmed by it, and by her! I had no idea that there were African Americans in state gov so soon after emancipation.

Chris Paton said...

If you liked this you might enjoy the earlier series of WDYTYA on the BBC - there is a DVD boxed set of series 1-4, but it is in PAL format (as opposed to North American NTSC). Some eps are on You Tube though. Hope the rest of this series is as good!