Sunday, 6 February 2011

Vanessa Williams opens WDYTYA USA series 2

I've just watched the Vanessa Williams episode of the new US series of Who Do You Think You Are (thanks to a friend who shall remain nameless!) - and I have to say, it wasn't just much better than the first series, it was one of the best episodes I've ever seen in any version of the show. For those not familiar with the name Vanessa Williams, we're talking Willimina Slater from the TV series "Ugly Betty" here!

It is still 40 minutes without the ads, but with none of the repetitive bubblegum American style nonsense that you often get around US commercial breaks which takes up so much time and makes you want to throw things at the screen (as with the first series) - and it was an absolutely packed story following two of her great great grandfathers, whose lives paralleled her own father's to an extent, and with a genuinely emotional ending. If they are going to be as good as this, honestly BBC, drop the UK version and put this on prime time!

One other point - the intro showed clips from some of the other 'slebs' - and the Kim Cattrall episode looks like it is a repackaged version of the bigamy story she followed in the UK version of the series. No idea yet if the UK is going to show this series - but if they are all as good as this opener, I'd start lobbying for it now.

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Free Genealogy Guide said...

I agree with your assessments of both the new Vanessa Williams episode and the previous episodes' use of the repetitive recap-and-preview hype that has become so popular in American TV shows these days. I also found Williams to be more sincere and not seeming to be "overacting" like last season's celebrities.