Saturday, 19 February 2011

Third Australasian Genealogy Conference

Thanks to Shauna Hicks for flagging this up on Twitter:

The Genealogical Society of Victoria ( is hosting the Third Australasian Genealogy Conference on a Scottish Theme. Catch the Moments - Scotland 1750-1850: A Century of Transformation is to be held on April 16th-17th 2011 at the Hemisphere Conference Centre, 488 South Road, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria. There are several speakers, including top genie Sheena Tait, who many readers will know from several UK family history magazines, for which she is a regular contributor.

There is more on the programme - and it is packed!!! - at Should be a good one!

Also - coincidentally, tomorrow I'm teaching the last week of the current Scotland 1750-1850 Beyond the OPRs course for Pharos, but the course will run again from October 17th - for more information see

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Researching Scottish Family History (New book)

Tracing Your Family History on the Internet (Even newer book!)

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