Monday, 28 February 2011

Interview with Your Family Tree's Tom Dennis

At the Who Do You Think You Are? Live event I caught up with Tom Dennis, the new editor of Your Family Tree magazine, who I not only got to reveal a tale of bigamy in his ancestry, but who I also managed to get to thank his designer publicly (you owe me one Alex!).

(With thanks to Tom)

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Researching Scottish Family History (New book)
Tracing Your Family History on the Internet (Even newer book!)


Geni Grant said...

Great Interview. I really appreciate it when people take the time to sit down and do great genealogy-related interviews on camera.

Putting a face behind a name is very important.

Chris Paton said...

Glad you liked it - plenty more on the way!


Pharmer said...

Great interview looking forward to other interviews.
Off to find them on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Fab interview, very informative! I love Your Family Tree magazine & great to see the Editor taking the time to do this.

nick said...

Chris, loved your interview with Tom and the relaxed style of the presentation.

I too went to the "Who Do You Think You Are? Live" show and Tom became my first ever interviewee on video for my !

I have to say you were much less uptight than I think I was (do my nerves show that much?), but Tom Dennis was great and gave me a great interview about what to expect in the magazine in the next few months.

Nick Thorne

Chris Paton said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for that, I did see your interview on the YFT Facebook page, glad to see I wasn't the only one to grill Tom! (Great minds think alike!).


Mrs Dennis said...

As Tom Dennis's mother, I'd like to put the record straight!! My grandfather [Tom's g.grandfather] did go to America in the 1870's and marry there. He MAY have been a bigamist ...... no American divorce/ death records yet found. His 2nd marriage, in Scotland, records him as a widower!! So, get on with the research Tom.

Chris Paton said...

You tell him Mrs Dennis...! lol :)