Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Deceased Online goes monumentally Scottish

There are a couple of Scottish developments from records provider Deceased Online ( this month. The company has today announced the major release of records for St Pancras and Islington cemetery in London (England's busiest burial ground), following on from the recent release of 105,000 burial records for St Peter’s Cemetery and Churchyard in Aberdeen.

However, two other big developments for Scotland have been announced by the company. First, it has just struck up an agreement with Scottish Monumental Inscriptions ( to allow the company to sell its gravestone CDs via the Deceased Online website. SMI's Helen Grant will in fact be on the Deceased Online stand at Who Do You Think You Are? Live next week, and as I'm working on the next stand, I'm fully hoping to catch up for a tea break at some point with her! The graveyard CDs should be on the Deceased Online site by end of next week.

On the records release front, Deceased has also announced that the next big Scottish release will be for Edinburgh city’s crematorium and Seafield Cemetery, with some 320,000 records expected in the first tranche. These should go online some time in the spring. Also, in its press release for today's English release, the company sates "There are many other areas where clients have either agreed to go online or the business process is in the final stages and these include major authorities in the northwest, northeast and southwest of England; at least three more London authorities; and important and historical areas of Scotland" - so more to come!

(With thanks to both Richard Allison and Helen Grant)

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