Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Coatbridge's St Patrick's Day Irish Festival

The St. Patrick's Day Festival in Coatbridge has a packed list of events starting March 1st with a showing of a film about James Connolly, followed by a whole rake of events over the next two weeks.

Family history gets a look in, and I'm delighted to say I'll be doing a talk entitled How to use the Internet to research your Irish Ancestors at Coatbridge Library, Buchanan Centre, Main St, Coatbridge on Saturday March 12th at 1pm. The talk will cover the absolute basics, but with a few surprises also for those already well stuck into their trees, and will be about an hour long. I'll also be more than happy to answer any questions on any problems you might have with your research (if I can!), assuming we don't get kicked out of the library at 2!

For details of the full programme visit the festival website at

Chifidh me sibh ansin! :)

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