Saturday, 29 January 2011

Your Family Tree - 100 issues and new digital edition

From Your Family Tree (via Facebook):

WE'VE GONE DIGITAL - DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE NOW! Do you have an iPad or other portable device like a netbook/laptop? Why not check out the digital version of YFT, which is available via Zinio @ . Subscribe digitally and be the first to get the new issue each month or get single issues if you've missed them at the stores...

The cost of an individual magazine online is £4.16, and an annual subscription is £36.66, which compares favourably with the print edition at £54.08 annually. For overseas readers, Your Family Tree is known as Your Family History (not to be confused with another recently started UK magazine called Your Family History).

But the big news is that Your Family Tree has now become a centenarian, with the 100th issue about to go on sale shortly. I have an advance copy, with all sorts of goodies including a preview of the new PRONI building in Belfast, news on GRO price rises in Ulster and Scotland, and The Paradox of Scotland website.

There's also a look at the forthcoming 2011 census (including a description of questions on the Scottish census not being asked down south), a look at Huguenot ancestry, the English and Welsh 1911 census, soldiers of the 1911 census, a guide to Liverpool, and all the usual regulars - including a case study from yours truly where the discovery of my great great grandmother's birth in Gibraltar from the 1911 Irish census for Belfast led me on a trip around the world from Corfu to Bermuda and back to Dublin, encountering a deadly yellow fever epidemic along the way...

Ur slàinte mhath YFT - and here's to the next 100 issues!

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