Sunday, 30 January 2011

ScotFamTree AGM to be held in Perth

Very excited to announce that the ScotFamTree forum will be holding its annual AGM in the A. K. Bell Library in Perth on Saturday July 30th 2011 - excited because this has always been my favourite library and archive in Scotland! I've been to a couple of the AGMs now, and can honestly say they are one of the highlights of the Scottish calendar, with brilliant talks from members and completely appropriate reverance and irreverance provided when duly required!

It's the 5th AGM for Scotland's top family history discussion forum - if you have yet to experience the fun, as well as to meet some of the most passionate family historians around the world, visit - there's the forum, a dedicated ScotFamTree TV channel and err... PacMan! Don't say they aren't good to you. There are two basic tiers of membership, a basic free layer where you can get to know everyone, and a subscription based layer where you can access a host of resources. I've always been cautious about calling it a forum actually, because it's a bit more than that really, more of an online based family history society with well over 3000 registered members, and energy in bucket loads...!

There's more on the AGM at

NB: Entry by ticket only!

A. K. Bell Library in Perth

Professional genealogical problem solving and research
Researching Scottish Family History (New book)


ERM said...

Should be a fantastic day!! Guest speakers to be announced soon !

jocktamson said...

Thank you Chris !!

There will be a ''lifetimes'' subscription to be had by one lucky attendee !