Sunday, 9 January 2011

New series of Digging Up Your Roots

A fifth series of Digging Up Your Roots, presented by Bill Whiteford, commenced today on Radio Scotland. The eight part series can be heard at 12.05pm each Sunday and again on the BBC iPlayer ( or by podcast from

(With thanks to Rosemary Morgan via Twitter)

UPDATE: The series has its own website at which includes a new genealogy news feature. Readers may be forgiven for a slight sense of deja vu with this - if the last two paragraphs seem remotely familiar, it may be because of almost identical wording found in two Scottish GENES posts which I wrote last month: and The similarities are truly a wonder to behold!

Just to reiterate, as the site states at the top of this page, "If you would like to quote from this blog, please do so, but please credit the Scottish GENES blog as the source with a link." Honestly, it's not too much to ask considering the content is freely given! I have no problem with content being rewritten though, as that is not a breach of copyright - and that at least shows a bit of effort!

UPDATE: Many thanks to the series producer for acknowledging that it was wrong for the material to be lifted and used without credit, and for agreeing to remove my content from the BBC site, which has now been done.

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