Friday, 14 January 2011

The Father of Australia documentary

On the first leg of my talks trip to Australia last October, whilst heading to Dubai, I had the surprise pleasure of finding myself seated beside Jenni Minto, a former colleague at BBC Scotland when I worked on the Eorpa series, and now an awfully big cheese in the building! As well as catching up on old times Jenni also told me about some of the projects currently in production, including one being filmed by Caledonia TV in Sydney during my visit, directed by Led Wilson. The subject was one of Scotland's most famous sons, Lachlan MacQuarie, one of the first colonial governors in Australia. Jenni has kindly just been in touch to tell me that the programme is provisionally scheduled to be transmitted on Wednesday January 26th, I believe on BBC2.

For more information on the programme, entitled The Father of Australia, and for an exclusive video preview, visit Caledonia TV's website at The programme is narrated by David Tennant, and stars Clive Russell as Lachlan Macquarie and Julie Wilson Nimmo as Elizabeth Macquarie. The producers are Seona Robertson & Stuart Scowcroft.

Looks a good one!

(With a huge thanks to Jenni)

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