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Aberdeenshire militia records

From Aberdeen City Council at www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/LocalHistory/archives/loc_cataloguesmilitia.asp:

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives hold a number of records relating to the militia in the North East. Militia records can be a great source of information. Scotland did not furnish any regular militia until 1797, though there had been areas where local militias had existed, such as Perthshire. Enlistment into the militia was first raised by a ballot among men aged between 19 and 30, though in 1802 an act was passed which provided for the organisation of the militia on a similar basis to that of England.

AS/AMil/6/1(1) Record of Certificates Granted for the Relief of the Wives and Families of Militia Men
AS/AMil/6/1(2) Record of Certificates Granted for the Relief of the Wives and Families of Militia Men

We have, with the help of our volunteer Sandy Riddell, transcribed one volume which details the relief given to the wives of militia men between 1803 and 1809. This gives information such as the name of the wife (including maiden name), the name of the husband, and the number of children they had on a given date. The same people often appear more than once, so it is worth looking through the whole document, which is electronically searchable. Please note that the document has been transcribed as it is written in the original, and this may mean that there are some abbreviations used. These include, but are not limited to:

Wm for William
Alex for Alexander
Fras for Fraser
Chas for Charles

Surnames have been left as the way they were in the original document, so there may be some differences between what was written and what is now the standard spelling.

The two documents available are from the same volume, and it is worth checking both depending on the information you are interested in.

A full list of the militia records held can be found on our Online Catalogue under the reference AS/AMil.


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