Friday, 28 January 2011

The Aberdeenshire CD version 3

From Kevin Smith:

A new edition of The Aberdeenshire CD has been published. Version 3.0 contains over twice as much raw data as the previous edition, yet is still available for only £15 plus £1 p&p from

The CD contains:

• Holden's 1811 directory entry for Aberdeen;
• Pigot's 1820 directory entry for Aberdeen; (New)
• Pigot's 1825 directory of Aberdeenshire; (Updated)
• Pigot's 1837 directory of Aberdeenshire, listing inhabitants of Aberdeen and all major towns in Aberdeenshire. See a sample section;
• Chronicle of the Nineteenth Century (1801-1906) from the Aberdeen Free Press;
• University Bursary Competition results and surname index (1869-1886) with over 1,000 entries; (Updated)
• Mounthooly temporary Smallpox Hospital patient list and surname index;
• Local Events and Obituaries (1873, 1892-1904 and 1920) from local newspapers (which includes Aberdonians who died abroad); (Updated)
• The entire text of the Aberdeen Weekly Journal for 4 January 1899; (New)
• Aberdeen Journal birth, marriage and death notices for 1899 with over 2,700 entries; (New)
• Selected entries from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica giving contemporary details of Aberdeenshire towns and people; (Updated)
• Contiguous Parishes, to assist with searching for itinerant people;
• Gazetteer of over 450 place names with precise OS National Grid references and cross-links to place names in the directories;
• Members of Parliament since 1707, and Bishops of Aberdeen since 1458 (New);
• Annotated population tables for Aberdeenshire parishes (1801-1851);
• Utilities such as census year of birth calculator, and Easter Sunday calculator.

For more details, and to order copies online, visit

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