Friday, 17 December 2010

Up for a Scots/Irish genealogy cruise around New Zealand?!

Australian gene genie Unlock the Past has announced a provisional confirmed programme of genealogical events for next year, but wants you help to firm up some further suggestions. Amongst those ideas still to be confirmed is a 14 day Scots/Irish themed cruise around New Zealand in November, which yours truly has agreed to participate at for the Scottish side of things, if it goes ahead. Two Irish experts have also agreed to participate, but I won't name them until Unlock the Past does - suffice to say for now that they will not disappoint!

Further suggestions up for grabs include further expos in Northern Queensland, Geelong, Western Australia and Mid Northern New South Wales, as well as a writing local and family history seminar in Adelaide.

To help shape the programme, and to register potential interest, please visit

Professional genealogical problem solving and research
Researching Scottish Family History (New book)


Judy Webster said...

Chris, your recent talks in Australia were excellent, and normally I would love to do the cruise/conference to NZ, but I am already booked on the one in March. Two cruises in one year is beyond my means (and the same applies to genealogy friends with whom I have discussed this).

Chris Paton said...

Hi Judy, best bet is to let Unlock the Past know, as they are the ones organising the events - but thanks for the comments on the recent talks, glad you enjoyed them!


Anonymous said...

Yes Judy, it is a bit close to the March 2011 Cruise to suit many who are on that, but it is a different cruise. It will leave or finish in Sydney and cover NZ as well - and extend to 14 days. We expect it to interest a different group of people though, more from the Southern states and more of those with Scottish/Irish interests. If it is half as successful number wise as the March cruise, we will probably do it annually - in the 2nd half of each year.