Sunday, 26 December 2010

Scottish Post Office Directories on NLS website

The National Library of Scotland has a new dedicated Post Office Directories page on its website at There are 287 directories currently available from 1774-1911, about a third of those digitised for the Internet Archive project, with the rest soon to follow. At the moment they can be browsed or downloaded in PDF format only - a new search facility will follow later in 2011, with each name indexed by the first three letters on each page (i.e. PAT for PATON, PATERSON etc).

Also from the National Library:

There will be a Discovering Family History Workshop on January 10th at 2.00pm, at George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.For more see

There will also be a Building the Bell Rock Lighthouse Treasures Display from January 12th - February 28th 2011 at George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. See

Finally, 18,000 Scottish maps from the library's online collection have also now been made available at the ScotlandsPlaces website at

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Geniaus said...

Thanks for the Directories link - another place to look for the ancestors.