Monday, 6 December 2010

Scottish directories project developments

Two developments concerning the Scottish Post Office Directories (aka PODs) digitisation project for the Internet Archive by the National Library of Scotland. The first is that a summary of the recent talk by Ines Mayfarth of the NLS, responsible for the project, is now online at the Addressing History blog, along with other talks given on that day. See Ines gives details of how the project has been co-ordinated, and also news of a forthcoming website from the NLS which will fully index the 750 directories involved from 1783-1911, which should be out by the middle of next year.

Also concerning the Internet Archive hosted images, Michael Tobias has slightly beaten the NLS to it, by creating a free to access index for the Glasgow directories from 1783-1911 at Michael is keen for feedback, and has stressed that he may be moving the project to a different web address in due course. His contact details are on the site.

(With thanks to Addressing History and Michael Tobias)

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