Friday, 3 December 2010

Scottish certificate extracts to go up in price

I thought the bad news from Edinburgh was all dealt with yesterday - sadly, more to come! The cost of birth, marriage and death certificates from Scotland is now to go up in price also.

The full list of price increases is available at

To summarise:

From January 2011, local district registrar issued certificates will be £10 each, not £9. A pound dearer than an English equivalent from the same source. Searches at district registrars will now also cost £15 per hour, not £10 - a very steep rise.

From January 1st - a certificate extract from the GROS will cost £10 - up from £8. Priority handling will rise from £10 per cert to £15. Search rates by GROS staff will rise from £3 to £5 for each five year period if calling in at the centre, or remain at £5 if dealt with by post.

If obtained at the ScotlandsPeople Centre, and the index details etc are known, the price will be just £10 (up from £8). [Thanks to Dee Williams for clarifying that]

Cost of an extract issued following identification of a record from an internet search (i.e. ScotlandsPeople website) will be £12, up from £10, from April 1st.

Not a great week.

(With thanks to Sheena Tait)

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