Wednesday, 22 December 2010

ScotlandsPeople Centre gift vouchers

The ScotlandsPeople Centre ( offers gift vouchers for sale at £10 each for a full day's search pass, with no expiry date by which they must be used. From April 1st the admission price to the centre will rise to £15.

I've just been on the phone to the centre to book a seat for some research. Curious to know whether the purchase of a voucher at £10 would be valid for admission after April 1st, when it should be £15, I asked the question, and the person on the phone offered to call me back with a definitive answer. He duly did so a few minutes later - and it appears that, as things stand at the moment, a voucher purchased at £10 is in fact valid for a full day's research after April 1st, and not just £10 off the admission price.

If you are planning on lots of visits in the next few months, the vouchers may well be a useful way to try to save money on admission costs - though it is entirely possible that the situation will be changed in due course, so ask before you buy!

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