Sunday, 5 December 2010

Save Every Step

A new timeline site called Save Every Step at is proving to be a lot of fun! I am currently writing a full review of the site for a forthcoming magazine column, but in essence it allows you to create an interactive 'lifeline' which can be used as both a daily diary or to upload historic events.

It's a Yorkshire based initiative from Helen Spencer, who I had the pleasure of speaking to yesterday, which has a lot of potential and many forthcoming developments promised for the next year. Big thumbs up from this end, why not sign up and have a play - it won't cost you a penny! :)

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JRS said...

I think your link is missing an "e". Shouldn't it be ? In any case, thank you for the info on the site. I'm checking it out now.

Chris Paton said...

Sorry for that - duly amended! :)


Carol said...

I recently taught a class on the importance of timelines so I will definitely take some time to look at this site and see how it works. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Chris Paton said...

You're welcome!