Friday, 5 November 2010

Walking in Eternity blog

Check out my new blog Walking in Eternity for non news based genealogy musings from yours truly! Posts this week:

Walking in Eternity - welcome to the new blog

The Photo Album - finding the story of my immediate family half way across the world

Deaf and Dumb in Glasgow - how DNA testing was not the answer for a missing Glaswegian Campbell

Jaj Dates - obsolete Scottish way of recording dates often found in genealogical records

Ten Pound Poms - old black and white TV advert advertising for new Australians

Paton Street: Flag on the moon - why the Patons will live forever in Australia!

Toilet Troubles in 1840s Perth - always trust your doctor, even if he goes this far!

The Nonsense of the Modern Clan System - the difference between your identity and that dictated by the tartan industry

The new blog is online at - enjoy!

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