Friday, 19 November 2010

Free Church decides on music and hymns

The remaining portion of the Free Church of Scotland (i.e. the part which did not rejoin the Church of Scotland in 1929), still active in the Highlands and Islands, is having its first 'plenary assembly' since 1843 to discuss a proposal to introduce hymns and music to its services. And people wonder why the Church is in decline...?!

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UPDATE: The church has now voted to relax its rules to allow hymn singing and the use of instruments in its churches. I hope everyone can now sleep better at night! :)

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DianaR said...

Oh thing you know we'll start to see girls running around showing their ankles!

Peter Munro said...

My great-aunt Mairi and my granny are probably turning in their graves.

Although they were both fervent Free Church adherents, I feel sure they would have felt that it was a stooshie about trivia.

I love going to sing the psalms (in Gaelic) in the Free Church; and I'm sure that whether it's hymns or psalms won't make a bawbee's difference.

It's healthy that people feel they can voice disagreement with doctrine, regulations and the kirk session - it was not always so.

And even though Alex Macdonald’s amendment was narrowly carried, it does not prevent congregations who prefer so, to carry on singing psalms in the 'traditional' way.

Iain Mor Uaine said...

I think Diana might be thinking of the Roman Catholic church or perhaps one of the Eastern Orthodox sects.

I've never heard of any person disapproving of girls or women showing their ankles.

Sootybear said...

Unbelievable ..

Chris Paton said...

Well - there was my nan... Pretty much everything was Thou Shalt Not with her...!


Chris Paton said...

And rumours that all of this may one day lead to dancing are completely unfounded...! :)