Saturday, 30 October 2010

Some Western Australia resources

At the talks I gave in Perth WA last week I met with Tricia Fairweather and Leonie Hayes of the State Library of Western Australia. Leonie has since been in touch to provide a useful list of resources which might help with those researching Perth and other WA based ancestors. Over to Leonie...!

As promised, this is the link to our shared bookmarks for genealogy: you will find a lot of helpful Australian links here.

On our State Library website there are the digitised Post Office Directories for Western Australia 1893 – 1949:

The Police Gazette of Western Australia 1876 - 1900:

We are currently digitising a large number of other W.A. resources which should come through within the next few months.

Dead Reckoning: how to find your way through the genealogical jungle of Western Australia: This is the definitive guide to resources held in the SLWA and the State Records Office of Western Australia.

You also asked us to email you the link for Picture Australia (from the National Library of Australia):

Many thanks Leonie!

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