Friday, 29 October 2010

Interview with Edwina Shooter at WAGS

On Tuesday 19th October I visited the Western Australian Genealogy Society library at Perth, en route to the airport, where I caught up with Liana Fitzpatrick, the society president, and Edwina Shooter, the librarian. Edwina kindly agreed to a short interview to describe the library's holdings, including its Scottish records, which included printed abridgements to Registers of Deeds and pre-1781 Registers of Sasines, as well as a whole host of other records. The following is the chat with Edwina, to whom thanks are given - and congratulations on winning the best website award from the Federation of Family History Societies in England!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks to Chris Paton for posting this interview. It's a great interview - well done Edwina - you are a star! Jennifer - member of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc [WAGS]

Chris Paton said...

You're very welcome, and thanks to Edwina for her time on the day!