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Cumbria BMD to go online

For those with cross-border connections, news of forthcoming developments from Cumbria...

Cheshire BMD celebrates its tenth anniversary on 15th October 2010.
From its small beginnings in 2000 it has continued to grow steadily over the years as volunteers from the Family History Society of Cheshire work with the local register offices to put online the birth, marriage and death indexes based on the original records held by the local register offices.

Over the years eight other regions of the country made use of the free UKBMD software and therefore have web sites that function in an identical manner. All of these are accessible for the main UKBMD web site at

When you click on the "Local BMD" button in UKBMD's menu you will be shown a list of links to all the sites that use the UKBMD software, and also all the other sites that are placing their original BMD indexes online using differing systems.

Now as the project reaches its tenth anniversary the UKBMD project is pleased to announce the launch of the tenth web site to use the UKBMD software, Cumbria BMD indexes are now online !

As with the other BMD projects this is a joint effort between the register offices and various family history societies. Its initial launch will include data from the Barrow register office with other offices in the area adding their data soon after.

Terry Henshaw, Superintendent Registrar from the Barrow Register office said:

"It is with eager anticipation and excitement that I await the launch of the Cumbria BMD website. With all the indexes being transferred from my office I am glad that the new site will be open to the public, which I hope will enable us to provide an enhanced service for copy certificates direct from the original source and also a better tool for the public to search not only for their own certificate requirements but also for family historians to do their research. Having spoken with other Registration staff around the country, who already have their indexes on the other BMD sites, I know it has helped them enormously in being able to provide a much better and quicker service to the public."

As stated above, the software used in the UKBMD web sites is free for any society and register office to use. If your area of the country does not have their indexes online yet, perhaps it would be a project that your society would consider? Family Historians gain by having access to original BMD indexes, registrars gain by being able to supply copy certificates without needing to search. Everyone wins !

(With thanks to Ian Hartas - and congrats to him and Sharon on ten years of UKBMD!)

UPDATE: The link is active but records will not appear on the site until October 15th.

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