Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chelsea Pensioner records completed on FindmyPast

The Cheslea Pensioner records collection from 1760-1913 has been completed at the website with the addition of the final records from 1900-1913. Amongst the records are service records for the Territorial Force and Volunteer Service Companies records. From the site's blog:

We’ve just added 341,888 records and 1,928,868 images to our Chelsea Pensioners collection for the period 1901-1913.

This completes the WO97 series of our Chelsea Pensioner collection and brings the total amount of these records and images on to 1,033,845 records and 6,131,443 images.

This collection comprises records of men pensioned out of the British Army 1760-1913. The connection with ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ is that the pensions were administered through The Royal Hospital at Chelsea.

For the first time on-line, in colour, you can now see Territorial Force attestations. The Territorial Force was formed in 1908 and so these men would not have appeared in earlier record releases.

Also for the first time, you can view – in colour – attestations for men who joined the Volunteer Service Companies during the Boer War. These men, who had previously served with Volunteer battalions, re-enlisted with these special volunteer service companies and served alongside regular soldiers in the regular regiments.

Still to come are records for WO 96 (Militia records), which will be made available this time next year.

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