Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ScotFamTree AGM

The ScotFamTree AGM is this Friday 20th August 2010 at Dumbarton Burgh Hall, 17 Castle Street, Dumbarton, from 11am-4pm.

ScotFamTree is a discussion forum that I would highly recommend if you have a Scottish connection. It's a bit like a 21st century virtual family history society, crossed with wild enthusiasm and at times a hint of insanity! (No, not at times, it seems to be a running streak!) Lots of people waiting to help with your queries, not to mention its own television channel (last year's AGM was recorded and is currently being shown on it) and loads of other resources, including the new SFT Families facility where you can upload your Gedcom to try to make connections with others researching their family history. There is a free membership called Tier 1, but the real goodies are in Tier 2, which costs £8 a year to subscribe to.

I'll be going on Friday, and will bring a report on proceedings after. But why not think about coming yourself (I think some tickets are still available)? Last year forum member Evelyn gave a talk entitled HerStory which involved the use of dancing bananas. My therapist assures me that in due course all should return to normality!

For more information, visit the SFT forum at - and may the Lord have mercy upon your wee Scottish soul! lol :)

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Anonymous said...

AMEN! lol

jock tamson said...

.....fancy a banana ?