Sunday, 22 August 2010

The pure sound of Scotland...

Now my complete disrespect for the shortbread tin Sir Walter Scottish / Bonnie Prince Charlie on his Shetland pony Lavender image of Scottish culture is possibly approaching the legendary in the lengths and depths to which it stretches and sinks, and I've often commented on all things tartan and bubblegum that go with it on this blog and elsewhere. Fortunately researching Scottish family history allows you to bypass all such nonsense (and for the uninitiated, "what tartan am I entitled to wear?" is not a very useful or wise opening line when asking a Scottish genealogist to look into your family tree! lol)

I'm not against tartan per say, only the nonsense about how each tartan historically represents a clan etc. And once you get away from "Scotland the Brave" and all other such mince, the bagpipe to me is one of the most beautiful sounds around when you get into the real Scottish folk music.

However, once in a while, the perfect synergy of all that is Scottish does manifest itself in the most perfect form. And lo and behold, that can involve tartan, kilts, bagpipes the works and be the most genuine sound you will ever hear, enough to turn Sir Wally Scott and Robert Burns around in their graves...!

There's not a lot happening news wise today, so ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing and audible pleasure the very essence of the Caledonian soul...

Yup, its the Hokey Cokey on the piobarachd! :)

Now that's what I call music: Alba!

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KathyJN said...

I want them at MY wedding! Learned something new... in the U.S. we call it the Hokey Pokey. At first I thought "Cokey" was a typo. Thanks for posting!