Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Memoirs of a Fisherman's Son

Blogs can be used for many things - news logs, holiday memories, and more. Occasionally they get adapted to provide items of pure genius. I've just been drawn to a blog currently being widely applauded at the ScotFamTree forum, which has been around for a while now (started in December 2005), called Memoirs of a Fisherman's Son. It tells the life story of the father of blog writer Iain Cameron from the early 20th century on, including his life in Ardersier, at Inverness Academy, his life as an apprentice lawyer in Inverness in the 1930s and more.

If this blog hasn't won any awards, it should do - and it would make a great book if some society was interested in printing it!

To get well and truly stuck in, visit

(With thanks to Woodys at ScotFamTree)

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