Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hitler's DNA - so what?

Everyone is getting awfully excited that Hitler's DNA may link him to both Jewish and black ancestry, as noted on Dick Eastman's blog here. Note the use of the word 'may'. I've also just read an article linked to by Debbie Kennett on her Twitter post here showing the completely unethical way that the samples used to gather Hitler's DNA was performed, by relatives being trailed for days at a time in order to gather up litter containing DNA fragments etc.

I think a big picture moment is called for here. Hitler may have had Jewish or black ancestry, he may have even been related to the Muppets or the Moomins. So what? The crucial thing is that he was the nasty git responsible for the Holocaust, not his relatives, and if the Christians are right we're all descended from Adam anyway!

The use of DNA can be important genealogically for many reasons. But I have to question whether the creation of salacious bubblegum news stories is really one of them?


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