Thursday, 26 August 2010

Glasgow Post Office directories online

The Internet Archive at now hosts digitsied copies of the Post Office Glasgow Directories from 1809-10, 1815, and 1818-28. To find them use the following search terms:

1809: glasgowdirectory1809glas
1810: glasgowdirectory1810glas
1815: glasgowdirectory1815glas
1818: glasgowdirectory1818glas

(With thanks to Ronnie Scott of the Strathclyde Genealogy Survivors Group)

The 1863-64 directory is also online through Google Books at and 1866-67 at . The first directory, Nathaniel Jones edition from 1787 can be viewed at, whilst a later directory from 1927 can be browsed at

And if anyone wants a look up from the 1966 edition give me a shout - it's taking up half a bleedin' shelf here! :)

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Sandy said...

Nice! Thanks for the heads up :-)