Thursday, 5 August 2010

Free - new Scottish GENES Toolbar

I've created a new Scottish GENES Toolbar that can be installed into your browser, and which will allow you to instantly access many key websites for your Scottish genealogical research.

The toolbar has several menus - Online Sources, Societies, National Centres, Archives, Genealogists, Magazines and Forums, each with many sub menus - for example the Societies menu leads to options for Scottish comainn eachdraidh, family history societies and local historical societies, with links to all of those with websites.

To the left of the bar is a wee pic of my grandfather Charlie Paton, which if you give it a click brings you to the Scottish GENES blog. You can also search the net with the mini search tool, and more.

I will be adding to the toolbar in due course, so do occasionally click on the arrow beside wee Charlie and hit 'Refresh Toolbar' to get the updates.

The toolbar is very much weighted to Scottish and Irish sources, as well as generic British sources. If you wish for one dealing more with English sources, the Manchester and Lancashire FHS site has a similar bar. I figured there was no point repeating what they already have on offer (I have both toolbars installed)! The toolbar is also FREE - and easily uninstalled if you can't stand the site of it!

To obtain the toolbar, visit and click on the Free Download button

All part of the service...! If you have any suggestions for items that could be added, drop me a note and I'll happily consider them.

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