Thursday, 19 August 2010

Digging for Britain - BBC2

Derry based 360 Production presents a new archaeological series, Digging For Britain, starting tonight, Thursday 19th August 2010, on BBC2. Here's the blurb:

Great Britain might be a small country but it has a huge history. Everywhere you stand, there are worlds beneath your feet – and every year hundreds of excavations bring lost treasures to the surface.

These amazing historical excavations are the subject of Digging For Britain, a landmark four-part history series for BBC Two produced by Derry-based 360 Production.

Presented by Dr Alice Roberts, Digging For Britain reveals some of the newest finds, research and social history: from excavating the new temple near Skara Brae to preparations for the first sailing of a Bronze Age ship; from uncovering new truths about the richest ever find of Anglo-Saxon treasure to uncovering Shakespeare’s first theatre.

Lots of archaeology, and one of telly's few remaining prized assets - Alice Roberts! I directed Alice for a feature on the BBC's Coast a few years back, launching a ship on the Clyde, and a more fun and professional presenter I never met. So I'm expecting this will turn out to be a great series - even if they find nothing! lol

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