Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Your Family Tree 93 now on sale

Testament testamentars, calendars, relicts, executors, "he's dead Jim", heritable property, "it's not called probate in Scotland", yadda yadda yadda...

If you haven't got the foggiest clue about wills and testaments, where you might find them and how they might help you in your research, this month's eight page long cover feature in Your Family Tree (issue 93) has the definitive guide to sort you out! Written by yours truly, the article covers all you need to know about the confirmation and probate processes across the British Isles, and I have to say, is absolutely beautifully laid out by the designer with some brilliant illustrations.

Also this month, Adam Rees visits the English GRO, Doreen Hopwood looks for criminal ancestors in prison, Paul Blake investigates name changes, and wait a minute, he's back again, Adam Rees looks at Chaos on the Crimea! There's also a look at occupational resources, parish registers, tracing nobility (Ní uasal aon uasal ach sinne bheith íseal. Éirímis! chortle...), and for all my chums back home, like a bad penny I'm back with a guide to online records for County Antrim, which includes two very nice photographs of God's home town of Carrickfergus! (Sorry, you can take the boy out of Carrick, but you'll never take Carrick out of the boy!).

There's a cover disc also including data for Antrim, Belfast and Monaghan in 1846, and the history of English parish registers. At a stonkingly outrageous price of £4.99, do you need another reason to buy? OK, here's the first page of the wills article...!

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