Friday, 2 July 2010

Genhound - Scottish records

Genhound ( is a pay per view website with records from across the UK, including some significant content from Scotland.

The following is included:

Caithness Sasine Index 1646 - 1780 Pt2 1646-1780
Caithness Sasine Index 1646-1780 Pt1 1646-1780
Dumfries, Annandale, Kirkudbright Sasines Index Pt1 1761-1780
Dumfries, Annandale, Kirkudbright Sasines Index Pt2 1733-1760
Elgin, Forres and Nairn, Index to Sasines Part 2 1701-1780
Inverness, Ross, Cromarty & Sutherland Sasines Index Pt1 1721-1780
Kirkcudbrightshire landowners Pt1 1350-1879
Kirkcudbrightshire landowners Pt2 1450-1879
Lanark Sasines Index Pt1 1721-1780
Roxburghshire Services of Heirs, Part A 1636-1743
Roxburghshire Services of Heirs, Part B 1746-1847
Scottish Deeds Index Vol15A 1675-1675
Scottish Deeds Index Vol15B 1675-1675
Scottish Deeds Index Vol16A 1676-1676
Scottish Deeds Index Vol16B 1676-1676
Scottish Deeds Index Vol17 1677-1677
Scottish Deeds Index Vol18A 1678-1678
Scottish Deeds Index Vol18B 1678-1678
Scottish Deeds Index Vol19A 1679-1679
Scottish Deeds Index Vol19B 1679-1679
Scottish Deeds Index Vol20A 1680-1680
Scottish Deeds Index Vol20B 1680-1680
Scottish Deeds Index Vol36 1696-1696
Scottish Freeholders 1832 1832-1832
Wigtonshire landowners Pt1 1200-1900
Wigtonshire landowners Pt2 1200-1900

The site also has a very useful glossary of terms found in Scottish registers of sasines and deeds located at and a 'Geneapedia' of articles on various subjects from across the UK.

In addition there is a list of records by county at - if I look up Perthshire for example, I find the site has a list of Glenalmond College council and staff from 1845-1929.

From the site's press release:

Searching is free and users can see a snippet of text from the document that surrounds the name they have searched for. They can then purchase the relevant pages a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a CD version. Credits can be purchased for as little as £3.00 for 60 credits and most records (usually a single page but sometimes more) cost between 8 and 18 credits (ie 40-90p), depending on the item. There is no time limit for using up the credits. Genhound is currently running an introductory offer of twelve free credits to all new users who register and sign up for our monthly bulletin.

Looks like this could be a very useful site to keep an eye on.

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