Saturday, 5 June 2010

WDYTYA US - Sarah Jessica Parker episode transmission

Last night I picked up from's Twitter page that Sarah Jessica Parker's episode of Who Do You Think You Are, from the American run, was to be transmitted on Sunday June 13th here in the UK. WDYTYA magazine has now apparently confirmed that, stating it will be shown on BBC1 at 9.15pm. However, the magazine's piece at curiously seems to suggest that this might be a one off episode transmission, rather than the start of a series run, whilst the BBC's Press Office itself is saying absolutely nothing as usual.

So what can I say?!!! Pencil it in for next Sunday, and keep an eye on the next TV guides when they come out on Tuesday - at the moment, your guess is as good as mine! :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a one off. I use an internet TV guide called Digiguide and it shows Match of the Day on the 20th, although there is slot from 22:30 to 0:00 which is to be announced

Scott said...

Perhaps to cash-in on the well-publicised, and critically slated Sex & the City movie that is doing the rounds?

Chris Paton said...

You may be on to something....!