Sunday, 13 June 2010

Researching Scottish Family History back in stock at ScotlandsPeople Centre

A couple of people have been in touch to say they have tried to pick up a copy of my Researching Scottish Family History book at the ScotlandsPeople Centre. The book had sold out there, but is now back in stock, though is again going quickly. I was up on both Monday and Friday last week to do client research and the eight copies on the shelf in their bookshop on Monday was down to one on Friday!

The book can also be purchased from Amazon at (ignore the out of stock warning, click on "2 new" at the bottom) or direct from Family History Partnership at

Professional genealogical problem solving and research
Researching Scottish Family History (New book)


Brenda said...

Congratulations on such a rewarding and successful book! My copy accompanies me to GRH this summer, for sure. I'm delighted to see you will be coming here to Toronto Branch OGS, next June. You can tell me everything I missed :-)

Brenda (it's at least half Scottish)

Chris Paton said...

Glad you enjoyed it, and looking forward to Toronto!