Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Changes to ScotlandsPeople Centre computer system

Several new changes will be fully operational as of tomorrow, Wednesday June 23rd, on the ScotlandsPeople Centre computer system.

As of tomorrow:

i) It will be possible to go year up and year down if a single year is requested for all statutory data types.

ii) There are buttons that allow you to go to the previous or the next census from the result screen. Also, when it takes you to the next census it automatically adds or takes away 10 years from the year range to allow for the ageing process. See screengrab below:

iii) It will be possible for the census to browse a county rather than just a district. See below:

iv) OPR births now ask for 'Other Information' rather than mother's or father's name. Thus users simply need to insert a known surname. The additional information is shown in the 'Other details' column.

v) Finally, the browser will automatically close when a user logs out to ensure that each customer's search history is deleted (just in the browser - not in favourites) at the end of their session and is not visible to anyone else.

All very welcome developments!

(With thanks to Dee Williams at the ScotlandsPeople Centre)


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