Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bletchley Park archive to be digitised

Exciting news for those, like me, who have relatives who worked at the Bletchley Park code breaking centre during WW2. The entire archive is to be digitised and placed online, with an estimate of some three years for the project to be carried out.

Today the centre is a museum, and there are some online resources from its archive available at, including a Roll of Honour. From these I learned that my cousin Catherine Paton worked in the plotting room, where she was a Leading Wren working in a section called "NS IV P", in the "British Plot" team, making map plots.

For more on the digitisation story visit the BBC's coverage at and the Guardian's story at

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The Professional Descendant said...

I believe my grandad worked at Bletchley Park as a German translator, although I don't see his name on the list (he might be Sgt Wilkinson, Air Sect.).

Would be wonderful to see a document he translated!