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1911 English and Welsh census available on Genes Reunited

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Genes Reunited, a leading genealogy website, today launches the 1911 census in its entirety, and for the first time it gives people the chance to map where their ancestors were at the time it was taken, creating a visual aspect to family history research.

The mapping tool on Genes Reunited provides an insight into over 10 million family trees, making it even easier for budding genealogists to trace back and visualise their family history to a specific location – possibly even to a street in the 1911 census or other records on the site. For people intrigued by their family history they can use the interactive, high quality map to discover if or how their ancestry moved around the UK throughout history.

36 million people were recorded in the census taken on the night of Sunday, 2 April, 1911. The census covered England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, as well as recording those aboard Royal Naval and Merchant vessels at sea and in foreign ports and, for the first time in a British census, full details of British Army personnel and their families in military establishments overseas. It is the most detailed census since UK records began and the first for which the original census schedules have been preserved providing a fascinating insight into British society nearly a century ago.

Rhoda Breakell, head of Genes Reunited, said: "With the addition of our exclusive and unique map feature, it is even simpler to learn about your family history and where you are from. This exciting addition is a fun and easy way for people to take that first step in discovering more about their ancestry."

Access to the 1911 census will include transcripts revealing details of both individuals and households, as well as details of The Enumerator's Summary Book (official name: RG78). The RG78 is a record of all properties in the country in 1911 which is a great resource for anyone interested in local history.

We are extremely proud to now offer access to the 1911 census, including the military records and the records for Wales, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. People will find this a valuable resource in which to trace their family history and discover new periods of their ancestry that were previously unknown to them."

NB: Scotland's 1911 census is not included - it will be released elsewhere in April 2011 - and 1911 Ireland is available for free at

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