Wednesday, 2 June 2010

1901 Irish census to go online

Tomorrow should see the upload of the 1901 Irish census at The online release will see the records for the whole of Ireland made available, in what is now both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The genealogical law of the sod has it that I am heading to Edinburgh first tomorrow thing for a day's client work, and not back until tomorrow evening, so you will undoubtedly have lots of fun on the site before I do!


Incidentally, I discovered recently that Northern Ireland was actually an automonous part of the Irish Free State for a couple of days in December 1922 until it opted out via a condition of the Anglo-Irish Treaty to rejoin the UK - you live and learn! :)

UPDATE: As with 1911, it's gone live a bit early! Just downloaded great great gramps' return from Belfast. Busy week ahead...! :)

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Anonymous said...

They have started the launch this a bit early.....albeit site needs tweaked!

Search page now gives drop-down box option for 1901/1911. The 1911 works fine, but 1901 just sits at loading for aaaaaaages. Some folks have managed in past half our to get 1901 results to actually load is really happening, at last!!!!!!!!!


Chris Paton said...

Exactly what happened with 1911...! lol :)


Alana said...

Just past midnight in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) I went online and everything was working perfect. Found my great grandfather and family in Fermanagh without any loading problems. Can't wait for the weekend to explore all the names I have.