Saturday, 29 May 2010

ScotFamTree forum launches SFT Families facility

Regular readers of this blog will know that I occasionally gush wildly about the brilliant ScotFamTree forum (, a Scottish based genealogical discussion forum, television channel, online family history society and oh EVERYTHING*, all rolled into one! The reason is very simple - it won't stand still...!

(*Small caveat - they don't clean cars or weed gardens!)

The latest innovation on the forum is a feature entitled SFT Families, whereby full members can submit a GEDCOM of their family tree to the site, which can be converted into a searchable database for other members to see if they can find a connection.

To be able to participate, you need to be a Tier 2 member. Just to explain, there is a basic free membership, Tier 1, where you can past general enquiries, but Tier 2, which costs £8 annually, is where the goodies really are, and well worth signing up to.

The site has a user guide which can be consulted online at
sft-families-user-access-guide.pdf, but for full access and further details you'll need to sign up - full details are found on the thread entitled SFT Families. ScotFamTree currently has just under 3000 members, and I'd say this is probably just one more reason to join them in what is, in my opinion, the best Scottish discussion forum online - even if they don't clean cars or weed gardens!

PS: Their home page also has Pacman freely available to play - SFT even trumped Google! Just played a game whilst the SFT TV channel played a version of Caledonia in the background. Nice start to the day...! :)

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