Sunday, 2 May 2010

Researching Scottish Family History - reviews

And the reviews are in for Researching Scottish Family History...!

"Researching Scottish Family History is a welcome new title from The Family History Partnership. Author Chris Paton... lives and breathes the advice here, with his enthusiasm apparent in the animated tone. At under £8 this is excellent value... A friendly and informative guide for beginners"
Your Family Tree, May 2010 (issue 90)

"If you have just discovered a Scottish connection in your family tree, then Chris Paton's new book, designed as a beginner's guide, is the one for you. This well illustrated, accessible book not only outlines the basic, perhaps more familiar, sources needed for tracing your Scottish ancestors but also suggests other ways that anyone new to the subject may not have discovered." Family Tree Monthly, May 2010

"In this consice introductory Scottish research guide, regular DMPS writer Chris Paton successfully covers the absolute basics of Caledonian research, exploring the many sets of records found both online and hidden away deep within the nation's many archives and private collections."
Discover my Past Scotland, May 2010

"An easy read and very user friendly" Pam Drake, Parish Chest

"As Chris points out in his introduction, '...If you believe the tourist hype, we would all be connected to a clan somewhere... but the truth doesn't always match the romantic dream. Every family history is different and the research paths we need to take will vary enormously'. Chris describes these paths most efficiently"
Practical Family History, May 2010

The book is available from several outlets, including Family History Partnership, Amazon, eBay, Blackwells, Parish Chest and the ScotlandsPeople Centre. Price £7.95.

My next book, Tracing Your Family History on the Internet, is due in the near future - more news on that soon!

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Researching Scottish Family History (New book)


Brenda said...

I just received your book from Parish Chest .. wonderful fast service despite the volcano! This is just what I need to tackle NAS this summer. Thank you, Chris!
- Brenda Dougall Merriman,

Chris Paton said...

Hope it helps Brenda! (Me and volcanoes - we have a understanding...!)