Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BBC drops US WDYTYA (for now)

Well it was supposed to be on a few weeks ago, and there was a huge preview article about it in last month's Who Do You Think You Are magazine, but the June issue of the same magazine has now confirmed that the BBC will not now be showing the American version of the Who Do You Think You Are television series as originally scheduled. As usual, there is no announcement from the BBC on when it may now be shown. As someone who used to work at the Beeb, I gave up years ago trying to work out the mentality of BBC schedulers! In the absence of any news from the BBC, it could well be that the US series could get its UK debut on the Watch channel later this year after all, as announced by the channel recently in March. We'll have to watch this space...

To be honest, that would probably be a good move - I've seen a few episodes already, and having been designed around commercial breaks, it will probably work better on Watch, which also runs commercials. It certainly whizzes past much faster than the UK editions!

The summer series of the UK version is apparently still on though. For the moment...!


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Elizabeth O'Neal said...

That's too bad, Chris. It really was a good series this year. Hopefully you'll get to see a few more episodes!