Monday, 26 April 2010

Your Family Tree - job advert

Your Family Tree magazine, produced by Future Publications, is advertising for a new editor at

The current editor Russell James is moving on to a brilliant new job (not my place to say what - I'm sure he'll let people know in due course!), but my best wishes to him as he moves on, and my humble thanks for commissioning so much drivel from me over the last two years! :)

This means that the post is soon to be vacant and a replacement is being sought. The deadline for applications is May 7th at 9.00am - you have to be in it to win it...

(Thanks to Genealogy News on Twitter)

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Researching Scottish Family History (New book)


KathyJN said...

I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job as editor -- why don't YOU go for it? ;-)

Chris Paton said...

You know, if I'd stayed in Bristol I'd have been tempted - 20 minute commute to Bath! :)

Actually, to be honest, I'm much happier as a free agent these days. Amazing what 12 years working in telly can do a to a man's soul...! lol :)