Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Scottish Research Online - 1 week to go!

My next Scottish Research Online course through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd starts next week on Wednesday 14th April 2010 and runs for five weeks. There's still time to sign up and to learn some of the best methods for tackling the online component of your Scottish family history research. For more on the course, which costs £43.99, visit www.pharostutors.com/details.php?coursenumber=102.

Incidentally, I had the great pleasure to have lunch today in Glasgow's Mitchell Library with Sherry Irvine, who wrote the original version of the course and who along with Helen Osborne drives the whole Pharos project forward. Sherry knows so much about genealogical research that the very laws of time and space bend to her will* (*a slight exaggeration, but by golly, she knows her stuff!). Some basic advice comes from Sherry in the form of some rules to all research, well worth looking at via www.pharostutors.com/freegenealogyhelp.php#irvine. Helen and Sherry have recently been working hard to expand the range of courses offered by Pharos, and for a complete list of those up and coming visit www.pharostutors.com/coursesmainsd.php.

Following Scottish Research Online in July will be a follow up course entitled Scotland 1750 - 1850: Beyond the OPRs. Some interesting developments on that coming soon, but in the meantime, for more information visit www.pharostutors.com/details.php?coursenumber=302.


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