Friday, 30 April 2010

Forthcoming Scottish material from Ancestry's World Archives Project

Ancestry's World Archives Project has more in the offing for Scotland. Currently just started projects are:

Tax and Valuation Records, Perth, Scotland

The County Cess and Valuation Rolls were compiled prior to 1855 for the purpose of tax collection. The tax applied only to land owners and not tenants. The Perth Burgh and Stent Rolls list the county inhabitants who were required to pay taxes within the burgh. All the rolls contain names, which are normally followed by occupations, of either the proprietor only or the tenant and the proprietor together. The fields to be keyed are: Proprietor Name, Tenant Name, Parish, Year, and Call Number. There are two form types from which to choose in order to key the fields: Tax Roll and Book Cover/ Title Page. A third form type is Index which is needed to separate out any index images but from which nothing is being keyed.

Valuation Registers Perth, Scotland

The Valuation rolls describe the property, name the proprietors and tenants, and contain the annual rental value. Up until 1884 tenants with leases less than one year and a low rental value were omitted. This project spans the years 1857-1899.

Recently completed, but still to be published:

Fife, Scotland, Voters Lists, 1832-1894

The Registers of Voters in Fife, Scotland are legible registers containing both typed and handwritten pages spanning the years 1831 to 1894. Only three fields will be keyed: Residence, Year, and Name.

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