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Zulu War medal records online

From the Original Record (, the following has just been released online:

Zulu War Medal Roll (1877-1879)

What is commonly called the Zulu War Medal was awarded to those British soldiers who fought in a series of conflicts in southern Africa from 1877 (the Kaffir War) through to 1879 (the Zulu War). In 1880 the various units submitted returns of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men 'entitled to the Medal for Military Operations in South Africa during 1877-8-9' and these 'medal rolls' are now in the National Archives. The returns are made with the information arranged in twelve columns:

1. Rank and name
2. Regimental number and rank at the time the medal was earned
3. Whether in possession of medal for previous wars
4. Whether engaged against the Gaikas, Galekas and other Kaffir tribes 1877-8
5. Whether engaged against Pokwane 1878
6. Whether engaged against the Griquas 1878
7. Whether engaged against the Zulus 1879
8. Whether engaged against Sekukuni as set forth in Par. 2. G. O.
9. Whether engaged against Moirosi's stronghold
10. Entitled to medal without clasp under Par. 4.
11. Serving with regiment, depot, dead, discharged, deserted, &c.
12. Notes and cross-references to the Adjutant-General's medal lists.
WO 100/46: 1st (The King's) Dragoon Guards (inc. 12th Lancers), 3rd Regiment of Foot (East Kent - the Buffs), 4th Regiment of Foot (The King's Own Royal), 13th Regiment of Foot (1st Somersetshire: Prince Albert's Light Infantry), 17th Lancers (The Duke of Cambridge's Own), 21st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots Fusiliers), 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire), Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, and Staff.

Note the records include entries for the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

(With thanks to the Original Record)

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