Sunday, 7 March 2010

Scottish Research Online - next course in April

The next Scottish Research Online course, taught by yours truly through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Limted, will commence on April 14th 2010. Priced at just £43.99, the course lasts for 5 weeks. But how can it help with your research?

The online world is fast developing, particularly with resources for Scottish genealogy (but you already know that, that's why you read this blog!), and this course, initially designed by Sherry Irvine and now regularly updated by myself, shows you not only where to find the most useful resources online, but also how to effectively research with those resources. In other words, this is as much about a methodical research strategy as it is about digitised or indexed documents - understanding the tools of the trade, and how to use them. Scotland is not England, Wales or Ireland - we have our own way of doing things. By crikey, do we have our own ways of doing things! If you can't find the births of your great great grannies before 1855, this course just might smash a few brick walls.

At the start of each week a lesson will be e-mailed to students in PDF format, and an hour long chat will be scheduled through a private discussion area a few days later to discuss topics and issue raised. A dedicated area will also be employed on the Pharos discussion forum, accessible only to students and myself, where fuller examples or queries can be explored. There's more information at

Feedback from students on the last Scottish Research Online course includes:

"Thank you for the great job you did in the Scottish Records Online class. I learned a great deal, and will learn more as I go through the lessons more thoroughly now that both kids are planted at school!"

"I particularly liked the fact that the course didn't just focus on the well-known BMD resources available, but on a much wider range of websites, including many which give extremely useful background information on the geography and history of the localities where our ancestors lived. I also liked the way some of the exercises in later lessons referred back to some of the sites and resources introduced in earlier lessons, which helped to reinforce what I'd learned before."

"The lessons were organized so well that I will use them as the basis of research on each branch of the family, going through each lesson in order. The lessons were also fun."

Note the last bit - hopefully you'll join us!

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