Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Postage rates for Researching Scottish Family History

A quick update regarding my new book (see Researching Scottish Family History now on sale).

The book is available on Amazon, but I have had some enquiries about other avenues for purchase. The publishers, Family History Partnership will be updating their website shortly, but Terry Walsh from the partnership has let me know what the postage rates will be for ordering directy from them. These are as follows:

UK £7.95 + £2.25 p&p = total £10.20
EU £7.95 + £3.45 p&p = total £11.40
Overseas £7.95 + £4.80 p&p = total £12.75

Direct Order Line:

The book can be ordered from FHP by telephone using a credit or debit card, by calling 01706 281088 (or 44 706 281088 if you're dialling from outside the UK).

Order by Post.

Cheques/postal orders (in UK pounds only) should be made payable to "The Family History Partnership" and sent to the following address:

The Family History Partnership LLP, PO Box 502, Bury, BL8 9EP, United Kingdom

You may also find it convenient to use the company's printable order form, which will be updated soon to include the book - see .

Orders will normally be dispatched within seven working days of receipt.

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