Monday, 1 March 2010

OPR deaths and burials now in ScotlandsPeople Centre

As of tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd March, the OPR death and burial records will be going onto the ScotlandsPeople Centre computers. The records, already available on the external SP site at, are a welcome addition to the already impressive range of digitised church records held at the centre.

In addition, the following features will also be added from tomorrow:

i) As previously announced on this blog, for statutory marriages and deaths searches when you insert one year in the year range field, buttons will be available in the Search Results page which allow you to go up and down the years,

ii) For statutory marriages you will be able to search for records on two names (as was possible in the same manner as DIGROS).

iii) Finally, it will be possible to make cross-referenced searches on other surnames for statutory death records.

(With a huge thanks to Iain Fergusson at ScotlandsPeople)

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